Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Return of the King

Okay, I stole this picture from Melanie's blog, but he is my son, which technically gives me the rights to it. And it's a great picture. We never did stop and get anymore crowns, but I'll film him opening the box when Mom and Dad send that one up, I bet it'll be a hoot. I'll put some pictures up as soon as I locate the camera. It was great seeing everyone, but it was also nice to come back home where the nearest traffic light is over 50 miles away. It had rained all day, every day for a week before we left, so our lawn was looking a little shaggy to begin with, then it rained every day we were gone, so walking through the grass was kind of like being in the plains on the Serengeti, minus the zebras, but not the wildebeests. The kids were happy to see the dogs, and it was nice sleeping in a bed that my feet didn't hang 2 feet over the edge of. I went back to work and found out my name had made it on the cert list for the AFMO job here, then today I found out that due to a screw up by the company that runs our application website they have to re advertise the job until the 3rd of July, but that's a holiday weekend, so they can't even request a cert until the 6th, which means they won't get it until 13th, which means they probably won't offer the job until August sometime. A recent survey showed the Forest Service ranked 206 out 216 for federal agencies in employee satisfaction. I wonder why. Jerks. Faith went to her knitting group tonight. Last time she went she told me how all the women in group talked about the proper role of women in a marriage and how women should be subservient to the man. There is a time and place for peer pressure, and I think this is it. We'll see what she says tonight when she gets home. They were painting yarn that the head knitter (or whatever she's called) wove. Weaved? Whatever. Hope everybody's doing well, talk to you later.

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