Friday, March 5, 2010

Cast away

Apparently the weight of a 6 year old can break a 4 year old's wrist.

When we were leaving the emergency room last night Dylan asked us to take his cast off. We told him it would be on for a while. When we got home I was taking him out of the car and he said "Dad, this thing is bothering me, can you take it off when we get inside?" He has to wear it for 3 weeks. The way it got broken was Dylan and Simon were playing on the trampoline,
Simon was dragging Dylan around by his arm, then Simon let go, Dylan fell, and Simon jumped on him. Simon felt pretty bad at the hospital.

We're moving at the end of the month into a house on the Forest Service compound. The house is pretty big, with a huge basement, a fenced yard, places for the kids to ride their bikes, plus I can walk to work everyday, and Faith won't have to drive as far to pick Dylan up from school. That's about it, hope everybody's doing well. I'll try to post later with some pictures of Simon from golfing today.

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