Saturday, April 2, 2011

The boys made pinewood derby cars. I drew the design on the block, then they used a coping saw to cut them out, sanded them, and painted them. Simon got 3rd in one of the pinewood derby races, but Dylan couldn't race his in the actual derby because he's not really in scouts yet.
I came home from Oregon and found this in my driveway. The guy that owns the place Faith works at dropped it off while I was gone. I'm friends with his son, and he came over a couple of days later, and I showed it to him. He had built it with his brother in law. He said "Did my dad tell you we never actually got it running? The motor would run, but we never got around to hooking it up so it would move the wheels." Great. I can't even get the motor to run yet, it's not getting fuel. I took the whole fuel system apart last weekend, and was completely baffled. It doesn't have a normal carburetor, just an adjustable screw that controls how much fuel goes into the chamber where it mixes with air. It gets fuel to that screw, but not past it. I cleaned everything and all the holes where fuel should go through are clean, but it still won't make it past there. I'll figure it out, having a go cart is going to be awesome!
Our friend Sara had a baby, she brought her over the other day. Simon loves the babies.
We went geocaching the other day.
Oona looking at some of the geese we got last November. She retrieved one of the geese, they were almost the same size.
Simon turned 7, had a party and sleepover with 5 kids. 4 of them were still alive when their parents showed up the next morning.

Dylan turned 5, had a party, no sleep over.

The golf course opened up, I played yesterday with my friend Shane. Simon and I were going to go today, but when he found out we weren't going out to breakfast first because it was too late for breakfast he asked if we could go tomorrow instead, so I think that's what we'll do. I played golf in the rain yesterday, and it's supposed to rain more today, so I was fine with waiting for tomorrow when it's only a 20% chance of rain and snow instead of 90%. The kids are on spring break next week, I don't think we're doing anything though. I have to work most of the week. Next Sunday I'm going to Shelton, Washington for 3 days, then the Sunday after that I head to Tucson for week for a class. That's about it, looks like I'm good for another 5 months.

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