Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

We went fishing on Sunday up at Swan Lake. We started the day with 4 working fishing poles and ended the day with one working fishing pole (mine). The one Dylan has in that picture is one of the collapsible ones we bought the kids this year. The reels on them both failed about an hour into fishing, so Simon and I took turns with mine with close supervision while he was using it, and Faith and Dylan took turns with Faith's, with no supervision of Dylan while he was using it, until I looked over and asked "How long has be spinning that reel backwards for?" The reel was a complete mess on the inside when I took it apart, so we were down to one fishing pole.

And I caught this fish with it. This was actually the 5th fish I caught, but the only one that was big enough to be worth keeping. There's no minimum size on the fish you can keep in the lakes here, but this fish is about 10 inches long. For those of you who may not see Simon and Dylan a lot, you probably don't realize that Simon is wearing a shirt of Dylan's in this photo. Here's the reason: After the kid's reels quit working, they decided to go play up the hill from the shore. Simon came back in a few minutes and said "I have poop on my shirt. I think it's human poop." After some question and answer we were able to piece this story together. Simon has a little notebook he won from the arcade at the bowling alley we went to on Saturday. Dylan was playing with it and for some unexplicable reason (fecophilia maybe?) set the notebook down in what was reported to be human poop. Simon picked up the notebook and wiped it off on his shirt. End of story. It took us about 20 minutes of questions to get that out of Simon and Dylan. I told Simon he had to take his shirt off, at which point Dylan gave Simon his "extra" shirt he was wearing. Why was Dylan wearing and "extra" shirt? I have no idea. Anyway, I caught a few more fish after this one, but only kept 1 other.

Fishin on Monday. The dock we're on moves quite a bit and the kids were worried it was going to dump them into the lake, so they decided to wear life jackets. Just on the other side of the lake was a dead tree with an osprey nest in it and some hatchlings that were screaming and the mom and dad were fishing and bringing food to the hatchlings. We never got to see them catch a fish, but they would take off to the other end of the lake, and come back and the hatchlings would pop up and they would sit on the edge of the nest for second then take off again. It was pretty neat, I tried to get a picture of it, but was never ready with the camera when they came back. It started thundering and lightning soon after this picture, so we headed home and watched a movie while the storm passed, then piled a bunch of sleeping bags on the trampoline and the kids had me throwing them on to the pile from as I could lift them. I also convinced Dylan to try to learn how to do a backflip. He almost did one, but hurt his ear on something when he landed, so he quit trying after that. It was pretty cool. I'll have try to get a video of his acrobatic feats, he can run at our foot stool, put his hands down on it and kind flip over it, it's pretty neat. That's about it for now, please read the post below to hear about my morning adventure.

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