Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I went on a guided goose hunt with some other Ducks Unlimited volunteers last weekend, and this was the result.  We got 18 geese with 5 hunters.  The guide was getting the truck so we could load up, and my friend Kent was taking this picture, so that's why there's only 3 of us in the pit blind.  Pretty fun morning.  Not much else has been going on really, we got a call today asking how many sawyers we had available to send back east to help with the storm damage, so hopefully that will pan out and I can head out there, just waiting for a call back from our dispatch center.  Hope everybody's doing good, I'll take some pictures of the kids tonight in costumes and post them on here some time in February probably.  Happy Halloween!

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Curtis Family said...

Duck duck goose. Nice photo. I've got a duck call for you lost your address email it to me when you get a chance.