Saturday, January 12, 2013

Well, my photo uploader seems to be broken, so I guess no pictures.  Not much has been happening here, Simon turned 9 on Wednesday.  He got up at 4 am and asked if he could wake up Dylan and Faith so he could open presents.  Melanie asked for a better explanation of the snowmobile roll over so here it is:  We went to a sledding party a couple days before Christmas at our friend Billy and Emily's house.  We had a bonfire and a bunch of kids there sledding down the the driveway, which is about a 1/4-1/2 mile sled run down to where the kids would get picked up by Gwen or TJ on the snowmobiles and carted back to the top of the driveway.  Gwen came up and said she was cold and wanted to sit by the fire for awhile, and asked if I would take her new snowmobile to haul the kids up.  I said I didn't think that was a good idea, as last time I drove a snowmobile I ran a little kid over.  Everybody laughed and Gwen said I wouldn't run a kid over, just go get them.  Again I protested.  Again everybody laughed at me.  Gwen said you're not going to hurt it, and we've got insurance on them, just go get the kids.  I said OK, but it's on your head.  So I drove down to where 4 kids were waiting, my 2 and Gwen and TJ's 2.  Billy was down there as well, he'd been skiing down the road.  I asked Lucas how many Gwen usually could take, and he said that everybody could fit.  So, there were 3 kids behind me and Dylan in front of me, holding a runner sled.  Billy grabbed on to the back and said to haul him up.  I went to take off and we weren't really moving, Billy said I had to punch it to take off.  So I punched it, we went about 10 feet, then the skiis came off the ground, the whole thing spun to the right and we tumbled over, breaking the runner sled in the process.  So Billy and me checked on the kids, flipped the snow machine back over, then TJ pulled up, and I said sorry, I just flipped your new snowmobile.  He said no big deal, helped me get it started again, and I drove back up to the bon fire and parked it.  Gwen said I needed to turn it around and where are the kids.  I said I'm not driving that thing anymore, and the kids refused to ride with me after I flipped it.  Then Emily yelled at me for breaking her sled.  Every time I go to their house I break something.  Well, that's not entirely true, I've been there 2 times where nothing got broke.  It's mostly been kitchen chairs and lawn furniture.  I had been sitting in a chair in their kitchen the first time I went over there for about 30 minutes and the stupid thing shattered underneath me.  Like all 4 legs just exploded.  They never let me replace anything either, saying it was old and they were getting new stuff anyway.  This time I bought a new runner sled and just had it shipped to her without saying anything, that way she couldn't refuse it. 
That's about it, we're going to go to Omak today to see The Hobbit, then tomorrow I'm going to Spokane with a bunch of people to see the Randy Rogers Band.  That's about it.  Picture uploader still isn't working.  Sorry.

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