Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The first picture is a chess board that our friend David made for me for my birthday, using a marble chessboard Faith got for me in Mexico.  The chess pieces Faith got for me for my birthday, they're really nice chess pieces from Italy.  The next picture is from the end of our coast trip, playing disc golf in Yakima.  Not much is going on, but I wanted to share that on Monday I was offered a 120 day detail to a Fire Management Officer position in Kettle Falls, which is about an hour east of Republic. I told the district ranger there that I wanted to apply for the detail, but I didn't want to move over there for 4 months, he said I could drive over every day and he'd give me a government rig to drive over in.  So, April 21 I'll start driving over to do that job for 4 months.  It should be pretty interesting, my friend Shane works over there, and I worked for Shane back when I worked in Sisters.   That's about it, the boys have spring break next week, I'm taking most of the week off and hopefully we'll have some good adventures to write about that don't involve Simon falling in a creek, which is what happened last weekend.

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