Monday, November 25, 2013

 We went and checked out a ghost town called Bodie this past weekend with Mary, Faith's mom.

It was pretty neat, I'd driven by it a lot, but had never stopped.  It's only a few buildings and a sign.  It was a gold mining town, and between 1911 and 1940 they mined 1.3 million dollars worth of gold.  The history of gold mining in Ferry County is pretty impressive, when the area was opened up to mining, something like 96% of all new mining patents that year were for Ferry County.  
The link below will take you to a you tube video, the video uploader on the blog kept giving a an error message.  It should be ready to view by late Monday night or early Tuesday morning.  Dylan and I made a catapult today.  The plans for it were to build a rather small catapult, that launched wadded up pieces of paper, but Dylan and I decided to "Go big or go home" and made a scaled up version that can launch a fist sized rock 20-30 feet..  Then we set up the playmobile castle they got for Christmas about 6 years ago and started the siege.  Dylan kept the catapult (it's name is Dragon Bolt,  by the way) a lot closer to the castle than it's maximum launching distance.  It was pretty awesome.  When Simon got home from school they continued the siege, then painted the catapult.  Hope everybody's doing well.

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