Monday, March 17, 2014

Grand Coulee Dam and Steamboat Rock State Park

 The boys and I went on a little trip on Saturday.  Our original plan was to go Steamboat Rock State Park, but we decided to stop at the Grand Coulee Dam visitor center since we had never been there before.  There is enough concrete in the dam to make a sidewalk that goes around the world twice.

 They had a game sort of thing where you could fly a guy with a jet pack around the dam.

 This is the picture Simon took of me and Dylan.
 This is the picture Dylan took of me and Simon.
 After the dam we headed to Steamboat rock to have lunch before going hiking.

 The trail on the way up.

 Taking a break after the first steep pitch.
 Almost to the top, we hiked up that little valley.

At the top!

It was a really fun day, we went to Omak on the way home and got some pizza for dinner.  On Sunday I went skiing with my friends Billy and Emily to set up some game cameras to see if I could get some pictures of a fox.  I'd seen some tracks that I thought were fox tracks, but the wildlife biologist said there any foxes around Republic.  He gave me some game cameras to set up though.  We ended up ditching the skis about 1 mile in and hiking the rest of the way, but it was still a fun day.  That's about it, hope everybody's doing well.  Oh, I almost forgot, we saw a bigfoot on the way to Omak after leaving Steamboat Rock.  Here's a link to the video: 

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