Saturday, July 19, 2008

Simon playing in the sprinkler. It's hard to tell in the picture, but he's actually completely off the ground.

Simon and Dylan sharing a candy necklace.

Well, today's the last day of my three day weekend. Simon broke his sandals on our way to a BBQ last night, then we discovered that all of his shoes that fit him a month ago don't fit anymore. So we get to drive for an hour to get to someplace that sells shoes. And go see a movie, WALL-E. Simon and I set the tent up and slept outside all weekend, Dylan came out for about 20 minutes before he decided he liked his bed better. That's about it. Except for this


Ken P said...

this is the first comment ever to be posted on your blog.

sauerkraut sucks

that is all

Scott & Angie West said...

Love the fishing story, love spiderman. From Colleen's mom of mattcolleen.blogspot