Friday, August 29, 2008

Here's the boys with a fish. And here's Faith with the first fish she has ever caught.

It was the only one that got caught today. Faith and I both had a lot of bites. I got most of mine whenever I set my pole down to get something for the boys, then I'd pick it up and start reeling and discover that my cheap reel had started shedding line in all directions. So by the time I got it all untangled the fish was always gone. Oh well. I decided to buy a new reel on the way home. Found a nice one for $30. Then I walked into the aisle with the fishing poles and saw the EXACT same reel ON A POLE for $21. I don't get it either. So I have a new pole now. On the way out to the lake Simon said "Hey, I saw a cow climbing on top of another cow! What are they doing!?" I didn't even know where to start with that, so I just played dumb. For those of you who like music you should go to youtube and search "Crayola Doesn't Make a Color For Your Eyes" There are two videos there, one by Kristen Andreason and one by Sometymes why. They're essentially the same band, but kind of different. Anyway, they're both pretty amazing. Make sure you watch both of them. It's pretty cool. That's about it. Oscar's sick, he won't eat, and both of them have been eating grass and throwing up all day. Faith's going to the vet to get them some medicine. Hope everybody's doing well.

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