Sunday, August 3, 2008

We went on our first camping trip on my days off this week. We forgot the camera. We found a great camping spot next to a creek that was only about 8 inches deep where we were, so the kids could play in it. Dylan had some issues with sleeping in the tent at about one in the morning, saying he wanted to go home, but we got through that. We found a great patch of huckleberries the next day. Simon and I picked about a quart. I was letting Simon carry the bucket and he tripped and dumped them all out, so we had to start all over. I fed a huckleberry to Oscar, he ate it, watched me intently for a couple of minutes, then went over to another bush and started stripping it of berries. Then Arlo picked up on it and started eating them too. We went back to camp and made huckleberry ice cream, which the kids picked all the huckleberries out of. Oh well. We camped another night, but I had to work the next day, so I left at 5:00 to get to work. That's about it for excitement around here. We're going to go again next time I get some days off I think, we'll make sure to bring the camera.

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