Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is at the hotel with the indoor water park we stayed at in Missoula. Now, I've had some great ideas in my day, but I would have to say that picking a hotel with a water slide is my best idea ever. Don't tell Faith I said that, when I said that on the way home she gave me a dirty look, so I quickly said that marrying her was my best idea, but I was lying. That water park was way better. We're already trying to figure out when we're going back, there's a bigger one in Kellog, Idaho we might try, it's a little shorter drive. I hope the video of Dylan swimming loads, I've had problems loading video lately. He loved the water. He liked the water slide until I talked him into to going down by himself. Faith caught him at the bottom, but he didn't go anymore after that. It took me longer to convince Simon to go down by himself, but when he got to the bottom he was shrieking, jumping up and down, and waving his hands in the air in absolute joy. It literally took about 2 minutes after each time he went down to get him calm enough so he could walk back up the stairs to go again. It was hilarious. That happened on Sunday morning before we left, and I left the camera in the room, so no video, sorry. In the room you could order movies on the TV that were still in the theater, so we got Kung Fu Panda for the boys to watch. Even after swimming for two hours and running up the stairs for the water slide, the boys both lasted the whole movie, then wanted to watch it again. Dylan made it another half hour, and Simon made it all the way to the end and then talked to me in the dark for another half hour about how much fun the water slide was. He finally fell asleep at about 1030, woke up at six and stood by the door in his swim trunks waiting for me to tell him when the pool opened again at 0800. We stayed until 1000, and then headed home. That's about it. I went back work after being gone for a month between the fire assignment and Idaho Falls. I have to go on field trip tomorrow to look at something called a Collaborative Work Project. I have no idea what that entails, other than some people must have collaborated on some work. I've got a bunch of reports and plot data to be familiar with before the field trip, and because nobody told me about it until today when I was walking out the door to go burn on the next forest over, I get to go into work early in the morning to read it all before the field trip. At least it'll be fresh in my mind. Hope everybody's doing well.

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