Sunday, September 28, 2008

Screw you and your pool Arizona Curtis', we Republic Curtis' bought a trampoline that we jump on in the rain. While the kids are smiling now, it quickly degenerated into a fight. And has ended in a fight everytime they jump on it. Good times. Not much else has been going. I did have a very educational day today however, and will list the things I learned in chronological order:

1. My supervisor can apparently change my schedule without informing me, causing me to sit at work for 45 minutes this morning before I try to call him, get his voicemail repeatedly, leave a message saying since nobody else is here I'm leaving, then stop by another foreman's house, to have him ask me why I'm wearing work clothes. He found it all very amusing. I guess somebody should laugh.

2. I can loose a pair of $100 sunglasses within 50 feet of my rig.

3. Next time I buy a new pack, I need to remember to switch the toilet paper over, otherwise Simon will tell me he needs to poop and won't use anything but toilet paper, necessitating a walk back to my rig to get toilet paper.

4. Just because Simon has to poop "really, really, really bad" does not in anyway mean he will try to move in any fashion that could be referred to as "quick".

5. Even with the use of a GPS, or maybe because of it, I still have the ability to walk in a very large circle through the woods.

6. Even a four year old knows when you're lost.

7. Four year olds apparently don't know the difference between having to poop and having to pee.

8. Once Simon says he is sure he doesn't have to poop, and you've used all your toilet paper to change Dylan's diaper, Simon will have to poop again, necessitating a walk to the "If You Build It, They Will Come" outhouse I found last year in the middle of the woods.

9. When a two year old says he doesn't want to walk anymore, he means it and will sit in the middle of the trail crying. Even if you offer to carry him, he will throw a fit and say he wants to stay right here. And he means it.

Hope everybody's doing well. Considering.

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