Saturday, March 21, 2009

There's nothing like starting off your birthday by getting punched in the cajones by your wife.

She said she was trying to slap my butt and I turned. When I stab her in the eye with an icepick tonight, I'll say I was trying to stab her in the ear and she turned. We spent most of the day in Colville for Simon's wrestling meet. He lost both matches, but he had a huge smile on his face, even when he was getting pinned. Here's the first match. Hopefully it loads.

Nevermind, this is his second match, the first one wouldn't load. Look at how much he's smiling.

The bummer thing about this wrestling thing is that his coach both times said "That's OK Simon" then walked off, didn't talk to him about what he could do different or what he needed to work on. Maybe they'll talk to him at practice. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for some more training down in Central Oregon, hopefully the weather's good so I can go play golf with my friend Jim. I'll be there for a week, then home for a week, then I leave for three more days for a Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Refresher down in La Grande, Oregon. I'll get to see some friends down there that I haven't seen since we moved up here, so that won't be too bad. I did have a bunch of fun with the southern Curtis clan down in Tucson, but it was hard getting off the plane in Spokane where it was about 12 degrees and snowing. Not a bad year of mixing training with seeing friends and family I don't get to see very often. Well, hope everybody's doing well, see you later.

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Quast Family said...

Simon looks like he is having more fun being pinned than he is worried about pinning the other guy. What a great sport for him. Does he enjoy it? How long has he been involved in the sport?
Have some safe travels and hope that warmer weather is on the way. Tell Faith there are gentler ways to wish somone happy birthday!