Thursday, February 19, 2009

Proof that Superheroes like bluegrass

Well, it's all down hill now. I just have to make it through the rest of today and tomorrow, then Faith will be here on Saturday. I'm going to pick her up in Spokane Saturday morning, they fly in Friday night at 1200, so they're getting a hotel room. Her friend wants to stay and shop in Spokane on Saturday, but as this is my last weekend at home until April, Faith elected to have me pick her up. The true test of this whole adventure will be tomorrow when I attempt to take the boys grocery shopping, something I have never attempted. It should be interesting. I've been thinking of ways to keep them calm and not fighting while they're sitting in a shopping cart, and so far I think my best bet is P-cord and duct tape, but that might earn me some weird looks in the local Omak Wal-mart. Although, it is Omak, and it is Wal-mart, so maybe not. We haven't done much exciting since the last post, it snowed a couple inches the other day, so the boys helped me shovel the driveway, then we built an awesome tunnel through one of the snow banks next to the driveway. Today is the kid's dream day, they get to play Wii and watch Star Wars so I can clean the house with few distractions. So far Simon's beaten me and Dylan at bowling, Dylan schooled us at tennis, together we've beaten three levels on Lego Batman, and Faith will have something to do when she gets home on Saturday. Faith is still feeling the bad food they ate on their first day there, so she hasn't been able to eat or drink a whole lot, but she's been having fun all the same. She went parasailing this morning, went on a tour of the city yesterday, and went on a cruise the day before. Here's the proof, by the way.


Quast Family said...

Are you sure it is food poisoning? Maybe she is pregnant?!!!

Quast Family said...

You know mom has always said that you five boys were far easier than Amy & I - guess it must have something to do w/ all the emotions?!
The way our two boys fight at times I think I'd almost rather have the tears.
As for just showing up w/ a baby one day I could totally see you doing that. Remember when you told me she was pregnant the first time? It was something along the line of hitting her. Oh, you knocked her up but you made it sound like you both had gotten in a fight. I can't remember for sure and now I am starting to ramble.