Thursday, February 12, 2009

I saw this the other day and it cracked me up. Faith left today for Old Mexico. Things are going alright now, but it's really only been like 3 hours. It should be interesting. I'm not sure what we're going to do, I might take the boys to a gun show at Cabela's in Post Falls on Saturday, but I'm not sure if I want to yet. In other news my continuing fight with multi-tools is still being won by the multi-tool devil. It all started this summer, when I lost a Leatherman tool on a fire. I had gotten the leatherman as an award when I worked for the BLM one summer, and it retails for about $120, and had an engraving on it, and I was pretty bummed that I lost it. So I bought a new leatherman, a different model, that I actually liked better, but I lost that somewhere during our Tucson trip. So I bought a new multi-tool made by CRKT, which is a knife company whose pocket knives are the only kind I've owned for the past several years, they make great knives. Yesterday I was getting out of a pick-up at work and apparently hooked the pocket clip of the multi-tool on the door or something without noticing and I heard a loud PING! and I looked down and saw I had busted off the pocket clip for it. So I cursed. Really loud. In the Forest Service office parking lot. Then I cursed again. Even louder. And kicked a snow bank. And looked up and saw the UPS guy staring at me with big eyes. And he said "Sorry, wish I had package for you." The best part is I had just gotten that multi-tool about 6 days ago. Luckily the company guarantees all its products for as long as the original owner owns it, so I just have to ship it back and they'll fix it or send me a new one for free. I expect my day is about to rapidly descend into madness, I told the kids they could have some Valentine's Day candy after they ate lunch, and they just finished lunch and are eating chocolate something. Speaking of Valentine's Day, I hope everybody has a good one, I will be spending it alone because my wife ditched me to go to Mexico.

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