Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hi everyone. I have some new pictures, but I can't post them until we figure out what happened to the camera. I bet we'll find it soon though. We went camping for three days last weekend, and it was so cold at night. Faith is the only one that complained though, the kids both said they were fine. Dylan did his usual crying and saying he wanted to go home, but we think that's just because he was cold the first morning when he got out of his sleeping bag. One bad thing about going camping right after the snow melts and after it's been raining for 3-4 days is that it's really hard to find dry wood to have a fire. Don't worry, though, my mountain man skills are still up to snuff, it just took me a little longer to get a good blaze going than it normally would have. On our way home we stopped by a full size Stonehenge replica that was pretty cool. I have a bunch of pictures of it, but they are on the currently missing camera. We actually lost the camera on the camping trip, but I'm almost positive that I saw it in the Pathfinder on Saturday, so I'm sure it will turn up. Hopefully. Today is Faith's birthday, one of her friends found a baby sitter for Dylan and is taking her out to breakfast this morning. The pre-school teacher called and wanted her to sub today, but I told her to tell them no and go out to breakfast instead. Not much else is going on, really. Hope everybody's doing well.

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Ken P said...

I seem to recall it was Jeremy's use of gas and my careful tending that kept the fire going there, mountain man.