Monday, July 20, 2009

We just went to see the new Harry Potter movie.  Due to road construction, we spent more time driving to and from the movie than we spent watching the movie.  The movie was 2 hours and 40 minutes.  Our baby sitter was an hour late, and with the road construction, that meant our night out to dinner and movie consisted of driving for an hour and a half, eating fast food drive through in front of the movie theater before rushing inside to make the movie on time, watching the movie, then driving for another hour and a half to get home.  I love living in the middle of nowhere.  At least the deer keep things interesting here.  While that may not make sense right now, just follow this link:
If that's not a link then copy and paste I guess, then click on the "Deer take Republic residents under siege" link
under the Also See tab. I have no idea why my font or size or something changed. It'll probably try to post it all as
one link. Oh well. Let's see. Weird. I hope everybody's doing well. See ya.

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Quast Family said...

Does this mean you have your hunting season all figured out? Could be easier than the duck hunting! Did you like Harry Potter? We saw it on Sat w/ some friends. Caitlin & Anthony went to the midnight premiere with some friends and really enjoyed it. Although they enjoyed it the 2nd time around as well. They said they left out quite a bit. I wouldn't know since I never read the books but we have seen each movie.