Saturday, August 1, 2009

Simon and I went and played golf on my last day off. He dressed himself. We had a good time, after golf we went and met Faith and Dylan for lunch, then went to a little swimming pool in the park in Colville. It's only about 2.5 feet deep at it's deepest part, and it's free, so it works out pretty well. Here's some video Simon:

Not much else is going on. I've been working alot, and Faith's been taking the boys to the river pretty regularly. I talked to the FMO about the job in Idaho City I applied for, and he said that I had a good application and good experience, but that I was on the lower half of the selection list because most of the other applicants were already AFMO's with more experience than me. He said there was even a FMO on the list that wanted to take a pay cut to move there. Oh well. I was told that I would get an interview for the AFMO job here in Republic on Friday, but it never happened, and the FMO won't be back to work until next Thursday, and I become available for fire assignments on Monday and will hopefully leave, so I don't have a lot of hope that any decisions will be made soon on that one. The Idaho City job will make a decision early next week, and that job colsed July 10th. The AFMO job here closed in the middle of May, and I bet it'll be September before they make a job offer. Remember when I said the Forest Service was ranked 216th in employee satisfaction out of like 230 federal agencies. More proof right there. Hope everybody's doing well.

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Quast Family said...

Wow! Simon is quite the golfer! Maybe that is more his calling than wrestling?! He could probably earn more out on the circuit to support you & Faith. Although wear are his plaid pants cute little golfer cap?