Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dylan on an awesome rope swing we found last weekend.
Faith on said rope swing.

You get it.

Simon and Dylan holding a geocache we found.
On Sunday we spent the day around Colville. First we went to a place called Crystal Falls about 10 miles outside of Colville. There's just a wide spot off the highway where you pull off and then walk down to the falls. There's fences all over, so you can't hike around them too much, but it's still a pretty cool spot. There is a small trail that heads downstream from the falls. We went for a walk down that to find a geocache. That's what the last picture is from. After that we went to an old army fort outside of Colville. The fort is gone, all there is a memorial for it. We did another geocache there, then called our friend Shane to come meet us for the last one. We parked in a grade school parking lot and met Shane and let the kids play in the playground for a while. Then we went behind the school into a wooded area in the middle of town to find the last geocache. That's where we found the rope swing from the top pictures. It doesn't go over water or anything, it's just in a huge opening. It was so much fun. The stump that Faith is getting ready to go off of is the highest you get, which is only about 4 and a half feet off the ground, but when you get up there it seems higher. The kids, as you can see from the photos, even jumped off the stump. Well, actually they were to small to get their feet in the loop from the top of the stump, so they put their foot in at the bottom, then I hauled them over so they were above the stump and let them go. We looked for the geocache there but couldn't find it. We went back and played at the play ground some more, then went out to pizza for dinner. It was a pretty great day.
Faith is subbing at the school all week this week. I'm only working until Wednesday, then on Thursday I'm getting packed for my duck hunting trip, and leaving on Friday. I'm driving to my friend Kent's house in Newport, WA, then we'll take Kent's truck down to Boardman, OR to meet 4 of our friends from Bend to hunt for 2 days, then we'll all go back to Kent's house in Newport to hunt some more. I'm going to stay there for 3 days, but everybody else is staying for a week I think. I'm pretty excited, it should be alot of fun. That's about it, hope everybody's doing well.

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