Saturday, November 7, 2009

These are all the guys I hunted with in Oregon, clockwise from the bottom left are James, Ron, Phil, John, and Kent.
In the blind with John, Kent, and Jack (John's new dog).

Ron and Phil. I was about 800 feet away when I took this picture with my new camera at 80x digital zoom. I was pretty pleased with it.

Me with our ducks from the first day.

Our ducks from the second to last day.
I got home Friday night from my duck hunting trip. It was tons of fun. The total tally for the group for the five days we hunted was 51 ducks, three falls in the river (two of them were me on the same day), and 4 holes poked in waders (all me). I heard the funniest thing one day down in Oregon. Sensitive or easily offended readers should maybe skip to the next paragraph. Ron shot a wood duck, also called a "woody", and they are really awesome looking ducks. John said he should get it mounted, but Ron said he didn't think he could afford it. He said "I'll see if anybody in the other blind wants it." He grabbed the radio to call the other guys we hunted with. He keyed the mike and said "Hey, I've got a real nice woody over here if anybody wants to mount it." Utter silence followed that statement, and Ron just looked at us as we stared at him in shock. Then grabbed the radio again and said "It's a wood duck you perverts." I laughed so hard I almost fell off the bench. Not much else exciting happened, unless you think getting up a 330 in the morning to wade around in a river putting out decoys, then laying in a blind either freezing or roasting, all so you can shoot some birds, then pick up all the decoys and spend the rest of the evening getting ready for the next day exciting. I find it very exciting.
Faith took the kids to Colville to go grocery shopping on Halloween. They wore their costumes and figured out that they could trick or treat at each checkstand in the 3 grocery stores they went to. By the time they were done shopping and it was time to go trick or treating at houses, they said they had enough candy and wanted to go home. Weirdos. Faith didn't take any pictures of their costumes, or of the awesome pumpkins we carved the night before I left. Simon told me this morning that I couldn't go hunting anymore because he missed me too much. We didn't do much today. Tomorrow we're going to go out to a lake and shoot some guns and mess around. That's about it, hope everybody's doing well.

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Curtis Family said...

Looks like fun hunting. Like the stories. Just got done watching the videos on youtube.Simon gets down! Tell everyone hello!