Saturday, December 26, 2009


This is the Playmobil castle set that we (Faith and I and her parents) got the boys for Christmas. It took us 3.5 hours to put together on Christmas Eve. We started a 930 and finished a 1 a.m. I think Dylan had a hard time believing it was real when he woke up the next morning, as he kept asking "Is this a castle!? Is it really a castle!? Is this a castle!?" They've been playing with it pretty much non-stop since 6:00 Christmas morning, with brief interludes for sleep and the occaisonal Mario Olympics Wii game with me. Notice I didn't mention food in their approved things to stop playing for. They pretend to come and eat, but they take one bite of food and then say they're full and go back to playing with the castle again. It was a pretty good Christmas overall, we opened presents and then just played with all our new stuff the rest of the day. Not much else is going on. We haven't been doing anything lately. We did go to Spokane a couple of weeks ago and spent the night at a hotel with a big water slide, but the boys weren't tall enough to slide on it alone, and they wouldn't let me stand at the bottom to catch them unless we were the only ones in the pool, which only happened for about 15 minutes, so that was kind of a bust. Faith did her best to drown both herself and Dylan in the regular pool, though. The pool goes from 3 feet deep to 7 feet deep in about 2 steps. Faith was holding Dylan and stepped a little to far. I would rate both of their swimming abilities somewhere between a chunk of lead and a big rock. I turned around to see Faith completely under water, raising Dylan above her head as high as she could reach, which was still about 8 inches short of his head being out of the water. I swam over grabbed Dylan, and started heading for edge of the pool. Remembering that Faith doesn't have life insurance and somebody has to watch the kids while I'm at work, I swam back, grabbed her arm, pulled her up so she could get a breath, and pushed her to the edge of the pool. She didn't even say thank you.
Hope everybody had a good Christmas.

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Quast Family said...

You know, Faith is very lucky she married so well!
The castle is neat and looks like the boys are having fun with it. That is quite a project to put together & what else would you have done with your time that night??