Sunday, June 27, 2010

We went mushroom hunting with some friends 2 weeks ago (the day after my golf team won the Wildland Firefighter Foundation Charity golf tournament) and Landon brought his old Red Rider BB gun and Simon packed it around all afternoon, protecting us from bears and bad guys that were apparently all around us and were only being held back by Simon's shooting skills. We didn't find any mushrooms. The next picture is an old cabin we hiked up to 3 weeks ago (the weekend before my golf team won the Wildland Firefighter Foundation Charity golf tournament). It's pretty neat, it's about 1/2 mile or so from the road, and I'm not sure what it was for. The general consensus at work is that it's an old miner's cabin, but most of the mining took place on the other side of the county, so I'm not sure I buy that. A lady I work with told me about a little community of old cabins up in the northern part of the county, I'm going to try to find those this summer.

The boys are excited to be out of school for the summer. They've been having friends over to play almost every day, and it finally stopped raining two days ago, although we did have nice weather the day my golf team won the Wildland Firefighter Foundation Charity golf tournament. It's supposed to get up into the 90's the first part of next week. Faith bought a california king snake. She called me while my team was in the process of winning the Wildland Firefighter Foundation Charity golf tournament, and asked if she could buy one. I said we didn't need a snake, she said "Let me rephrase my question, I'm buying a snake." I said if she already knew the answer to the question, why ask it in the first place. Last night one of her friends told me that she had in fact already purchased the snake when she called, but thought she should do it as a courtesy or something. I haven't told Faith that her friend told me that yet, I'll save it for when I come home with a new dog later this summer. Not much else has been going on, I've been busy at work, and Faith just herds kids all day. Oh, I may have forgot to mention this, but the golf team I was on won a golf tournament a couple of weeks ago. It was a charity tournament for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, and we shot a 65, but since my whole team hardly ever plays golf, and the two that play alot both are horrible (me and my friend Shane) our handicap was 13, which gave us a final score of 52 for the win! We each got a hat, $50 gift certificate to the golf shop, and bragging rights for the next year. The people running the tournament said they were giving us a lower handicap next year, and I got the impression that us winning was not well received by everyone at the tournamnet. Probably because most of the people there are pretty serious golfers, and we laugh and joke and race golf carts and drink beer and try to psych every other team out by congratulating each other on ridiculously low scores whenever we're close to another group. We had most of the other teams believing we were 12 under par by the 8th hole, something else that was not well received when we won and were actually 7 under par. A couple of teams did say that they quit trying so hard when they heard us mention how low our fake score was, which is what we were trying to do, so it worked out. That's about it. I'm supposed to be outside mowing the lawn right now, but after I weed whacked my allergies were so bad I'm boycotting yard work for the rest of the day. Hope everybody's doing well.

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