Friday, July 30, 2010


Sorry, no new pictures. I've been meaning to take one of our new (to us) minivan. Faith disavowed me of the knowledge that I had all my parts intact and she did not keep anything in a jar on the mantle place by taking the pathfinder and trading it in for a new all wheel drive minivan. It's a Toyota Previa, like our other one, just way nicer. And all wheel drive. We talked it over, and since I've started the Pathfinder about two times since we moved to our new house (and one of them was just to jump it after I noticed the kids had left 2 doors open and the lights on after getting in it "just to grab something"). So, since we take the van all the time anyway, we figured that we'd trade it in, and I would just drive the old van when I needed to. That's about it for news, Faith's been taking the boys swimming quite a bit, they floated the river the other day. Faith's mom Mary came up for two weeks, we went panning for gold, crystal digging, and Faith took her to do a bunch of other stuff while I was working almost daily during my supposed two vacation. For those scoring at home, that's Faith's family visiting twice, the Curtis family a big fat 0. Faith's family does live farther away, though. Wait, that's not a good defense.
I'm leaving in the morning at 0500 for a fire outside of Wenatchee, WA. I don't know the name of the fire, how big it is, or anything. They've been ordering people up for standby because they've been picking up quite a few small fires, but I was told I was going to an Incident Command Post, so it must be a fire of some size. We'll see how long I stay gone, this is probably my only time out this summer, so hopefully it's for 14 days. Hope everybody's doing well.

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