Friday, November 11, 2011

Just in case nobody's ever seen a picture of $500 ear plugs. I got them as an award at work a few weeks ago. They're kind of like hearing aids, you can turn them up to enhance sound, then when a noise reaches a certain decibal level they shut off and block sound. They were pretty awesome on my 10 day duck hunting adventure, I could have them in and still hear conversations, then they shut down when we started shooting at ducks. Notice I said shooting at ducks, not shooting ducks. We did end up with 68 ducks and 7 geese for 5 guys in 8 days, which is still pretty good, but boy oh boy did we all miss a lot of shots. There was something we are now referring to as "The Drake Incident." The first rule of "The Drake Incident" is that you don't talk about "The Drake Incident", but I'll give you the high lights. 8 big mallard drakes (those are boy ducks, but it sounds cooler to say drake) came into the decoys and cupped their wings, dropped their feet, and presented a profile that only someone with the capability to avoid hitting the broadside of a barn at point blank range could possibly miss. Guns roared, feathers flew like snow flurries, and 8 big mallard drakes flew away quacking in a way that can only be interpreted as maniacal laughter. I guess that's not so much the highlights as the entire story, but if you won't tell anyone neither will I. There were also some pretty impressive shots pulled off by everybody, but the general theme of the hunt seemed to be missing easy shots. Here's a video of Dylan's amazing acrobatic abilities. Along with some of Simon being goofy. As usual.

Hope everybody's doing well.

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