Monday, December 19, 2011

Quite a journey

I don't have any pictures, or that much to say really. We went snow shoeing yesterday up on the crest, and the kids said a few funny things that I thought I would share.

Dylan: This is quite a journey! He said this after we'd made it about 100 feet from the car.

Simon: There's vultures around here, so don't play dead. (There wasn't a bird in sight, so I'm not sure how he decided there were vultures, but it seemed like good advice.)

Dylan: This is the best day ever! This is the worst day ever! This is the best day ever! This is the worst day ever! And so on, changing about every 10 minutes, depending on if he had fallen down, gotten up again, if Simon was in front of him or behind, which way the wind was blowing, etc...

Simon: This is a big money game! (We were playing Monopoly and the last property had just been bought and I told him now we just see who goes bankrupt first.)

That's about it. We snowshoed about 2 miles, Simon broke trail the whole way up, about 1 mile, which was pretty impressive, becuase the snow was actually kind of deep. I was impressed. Then him and Dylan took turns being the leader on the way back. We got home and played some Monopoly, then set up the telescope to look at a nebula that a computer program I have swore would look rather impressive. We did end up seeing it, but it wasn't as cool as my computer said it would be. Despite the snow shoeing, Simon had boundless energy. The new district ranger was at work last night and he stopped by while Simon and I were outside looking through the telescope, and Simon gave him a detailed account of his life while climbing back and forth over the fence in the front yard. Well, that's about it, I'll try to post some pictures and a video of The Beatrunners, the band Simon, Dylan, and I started.

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