Friday, September 25, 2009


It's not very often that someone is lucky enough to prove me wrong, but I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Mary, Faith's mom, was kind enough to point out that I'm a schmuck. The actual score is Friends: 2 Family: 1. Faith's folks came up when we first moved up here. They live in Denver, CO, and drove nonstop for about 24 hours to come and see us. I would point out that that's about twice as far as anybody else has to drive, except for Jeremy and Trisha. Bet you're feeling pretty crappy right now.
We still can't find the camera. Simon and Dylan had a soccer game last night. I would say that each team scored about the same number of goals, with the highest percentage of goals being scored by Simon and Dylan's team in their own goal. Simon scored the only goal for his team that went in the right goal. Simon is sitting here while I'm writing this and he wants me to say how proud of him I am for scoring a goal. He did great. Dylan did really good also, when he couldn't get the ball from the other team he resorted to grabbing the other team members by the jersey and holding them in place. At one point when everyone from both teams were in a circle kicking at the ball Dylan saved the day by diving into the middle of the circle and wrapping both arms around the ball and covering it with his body. I think football may be in his future.
We finally switch off of our summer schedule at work this weekend, so I'll have weekends off again. Oh yeah, we had tons of fun when Dan and Annie and Aidan and Kodi came up. They got here at about 11:00 at night, so we just put their kids in the room with Simon and Dylan while they were all asleep. Then all the adults stayed up until 3:00 in the morning catching up. At 5:00 a.m we were awoken to the sound of kids shrieking "You're here, you're here!" then the sound of little kids sprinting all over the house yelling. They were pretty excited. We went to an old silver mine that day and dug through the old tailing piles and found a bunch of crystals, red ones, purple ones, and regular old white ones. It was pretty neat, the kids claimed to really enjoy digging for crystals, but all they really did was stand on top of rock piles and throw rocks, which was actually pretty fun too. As me and Tim's old friend Darryl pointed out to me on a camping trip one time "It's a good thing no girls are here, because they wouldn't be in to spending 4 hours throwing rocks in the creek like we just did." Throwing rocks is fun. Dan and Annie and the kids left on Wednesday morning to head to Seattle. We were all really glad they came, it was tons of fun. The kids caught a garter snake today, it looks like it's a baby. It's only gotten loose once, and it wrapped itself a couple of times around Dylan's finger, which made Dylan yell "Let go of me, nake" (he has a problem saying the letter S for some reason). We've been meaning to ask Amy this, but Dylan does the strangest thing. Whenever he asks to do something he adds a sound effect at the end. For example: "Want to go jump on the trampoline, boing, boing, boing?" He does it for a lot of things, and he makes the right noise to describe what he wants to do. Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, I know you're all looking forward to the new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that starts next Friday, I know the boys and I are. That's about it, I guess. Hope everyone's doing well.

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Curtis Family said...

ok so, when jeremy makes more money will will come up. ;.) i would love to come enjoy the cold ass weather, complete silence, and northern lights. do you realize it was 103 on sept. 30th? i am starting to think about santa fe new mexico. we just need 15 mill. nice place. needs some more rooms though. i miss you guys. hope all is well. i love you.