Friday, September 11, 2009

The good news is we finally found the camera. We just haven't taken any pictures with it yet. Faith dyed her hair blonde, so I'll take some pictures of her this weekend to post. The kids first soccer game is next Thursday, so I'll definitely take some video of that to post as well.
My work computer crashed yesterday. It is less than a month old. I turned it off in the middle of the day to hook up a new monitor I had gotten, but the monitor wouldn't pick up the signal. It's a laptop, so I unhooked it from its dock and opened it up to discover a black screen with a blinking cursor. Crap, I thought, so I turned it off and turned it back on, and the same thing happened. Double crap. Our computer help was contracted out a few years ago, so instead of grabbing a computer tech from the office, I have to call a help center. Don't get confused by the word help in help center, as no such thing was offered in this case. The guy asks my phone number right when he answers, I give it to him, tell him my problem, and he says he can't do anything to help me, so he'll forward it on to someone else. Then he says ""The contact number I have for you is 509-775-7458, is this correct?" That's my old phone number, even though I have told that center my new number at least 5 times, they still can't get it right. I already gave him my new number when he asked for it at the beginning of the call, but I guess expecting him to listen to me is too much to hope for. So I say no, I've changed desks, my new number is 509-775-7457. It's quiet for a minute, then he says, OK, I'll make a note of that change. Yeah, right. So they post your problems on a website where you can check to see how far along they are in attempting to fix it, and at the bottom it has contact information. All it has down is my email address, no phone number. They shut off remote access to our email a couple months ago, so you have to have a computer with your specific email id file on it to access your email. I've just told the idiot that my computer is broken, and the only contact info he puts for me is email? I beginning to think that 216th is a little high. Luckily my old computer still has my id file on it, so I can get into my email, but if I had listened to the help center and deleted it like I was supposed to, I wouldn't have access to it. So, now, I'm kind of stuck. All my work is on my new computer, and it's broken. I get stuck in the office a couple days a week being the duty officer (I organize all the response to new fires, send people to fires off district as needed, hire casual employees for fire assignments as needed) and you have to be in the office when your duty officer. I usually use those couple days to get all my computer work done, and now I can't. I don't even know what I'm going to do if they can't get my computer fixed, I have years of work that I transferred over to that computer, and I'll be pretty screwed if I have to start over from scratch on all of it. Crap.
I'm playing in a Forest Service golf tournament tomorrow. I am spectacularly horrible at golf, so I plan on getting last place, but that's OK, they usually give a prize to last place to try to make them feel even worse, but I'm just stoked to get free stuff, and let's face it, you can't keep me down, so I just laugh with everyone else and give them crap right back.
In other news, Simon's loving kindergarten, and Dylan starts preschool next Wednesday. He's really excited to go. Faith's really excited to have him go too. Nothing much else is going on. I'm going to Portland for some training in the beginning of October for a week, and then I'm going duck hunting for 2 days in Oregon with some friends, then we're all going up to Newport, WA for a week to duck hunt with another friend who runs a guide outfit, that's at the end of October, but I'm super excited to go. Hope everyone's doing well. Later.

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