Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lost it again.

We lost the camera again. Faith remembers telling Simon to quit messing with the shutter, but she doesn't remember where he was when she told him that, if they were in the house or in the van. Simon had his first soccer game on Thursday night. Dylan and I didn't go, we were both sick with fevers. They don't keep score for the games in their age group, Faith said the other team probably scored more goals. Simon and Dylan's team are all 5 years old and younger, and the other team's kids were all between 5 and 7 years old. Simon scored a goal though! He was pretty excited when he came home. Faith said it was so much fun. She said that the kids all did good dribbling the ball on their own, they just don't pass it to each other, and at times two kids from the same team would take the ball from each other. She said the older team did that to, though. I suggested doing a drill at practice where three kids line up and practice moving the ball down the field without dribbling it, only passing to the person next to them. She said she'll try it out at their next practice on Tuesday. I went to one practice, but I don't get to go anymore, Simon and Dylan both got too excited when I got there and wouldn't practice anymore. I took the kids grouse hunting last week after school and got a grouse. The boys were super excited about it. We took it home and cooked it up, Dylan didn't try any, but Simon was game, he tried one piece but as soon as he put in his mouth he made a face like he'd just sucked on a lemon and spit it out. I convinced him to try another one, with the same result. Faith really liked it, though, and I thought it was pretty good. Let's see, what else is happening. Work is super busy for me right now, and will continue to get busier through about December. Our forest got 1.8 million dollars for stimulus money to put local folks to work on contracts for the Forest Service, and it's all supposed to be fuels reduction and timber stand improvement, which is all my job, so I have to put together a bunch of contracts and line a bunch of folks out to get the work done to get the contracts ready. I don't even really know what that means, so it should be interesting. Our friends Dan and Annie from Bend just called and said they're coming to visit us! They'll be here either Sunday night or Monday morning. They're staying until Wednesday,then heading to Seattle. That's the second friend that's come to visit. So the score as I have it is Friends: 2 Family: 0. I think I'll put a moratorium on visiting Idaho until somebody comes to Republic. It's really nice here if you're into......let's, I've lifted my moratorium, there's no reason for anybody to come here. Unless you're into hunting whitetail deer, or you work for the new mine they opened up, those are the only out of town people that come here. That's about it, hope everybody's doing well.

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