Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here's Simon making his cake and blowing out candles on his birthday. The morning of his birthday I went to his room at 530 in the morning and said "Wake up! It's time for birthday spankings!" Simon hid under his blankets, so I grabbed his foot and drug him out squealing like a pig. I told him "You get five spankings 'cause you're 5 years old." As I bent him over my knee to deliver the blows, he said "Wait, Dad, wait! Hold on!" I said "What?" and Simon said "You can't give me spankings because I don't turn 5 till after my birthday is over." Unable to argue with that logic, I let him go. Oh well, there's always next year. I had some video of him in his Clone Trooper costume, and of him making his cake, but it keeps saying failure to contact blog whenever I try to load it. Nothing much else is going on, Faith's getting excited about her Mexico trip which is coming up in a month, and I'm getting excited about taking a week off work. Have fun.

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