Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here are Simon and Dylan with their Toy Story toys they got for birthdays/Christmas this year. And here are the boys making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

We had a pretty good Christmas, it was all laid back and quiet until Simon opened up a Nerf gun. That makes noise. And doesn't take batteries. So there's no hope of it running out of batteries and not making noise anymore. Thanks Amanda. New Years Eve was pretty mellow as well, we let the kids stay up late watching movies, Faith and I stayed up late enough to watch the ball drop then went to bed.
We got up and decided to go sledding this morning, so I made some lunch for us, grabbed my back pack and headed out the door. Found a nice little hill, sledded for awhile. Simon and I were about to go for a walk when Faith said she was hungry and wanted her lunch. So I walked down to the pathfinder and grabbed my back pack and walked back up to Faith and the boys. Read this paragraph down to here again, I'll wait. Notice anything? Like how I never said that the lunch ever made it into my backpack? So we got to come back home. Luckily it's only about a 10-15 minute drive, but then we got home and the kids came in and stripped all their snow stuff off, ate their lunch, and started playing Red Light Green Light. Oh well. We're going to try again this weekend. Hope everybody's doing well.

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Quast Family said...

Looks like they had a good time making those cookies. Did Santa enjoy eating them?
As far as the game goes it Lynn said you need 3 players but maybe it would work with 2. You would only have each other to trade with though. Who goes first is decided by who rolls the highest dice. On your turn you can exchange cards you have for ones you want if anyone is willing to trade with you. Otherwise once you build your turn is over. The first player to reach 10 pts on his/her turn wins. I think I explained how pts. are calculated. We almost went and bought it today but honestly we aren't sure we could get the kids to play with us and we really have no friends that we do anything with. Yes, we know we are losers! I am trying to work on that.
Oh and what is this I keep hearing/reading about check fraud???